I’ve Been Adopted!!

Woo Hoo! My stay at The Rescue Barn was becoming a wonderful experience. I was part of a huge family of loving Bullmastiffs and caretakers. I was welcomed as if I belonged there… I know that while I stayed there I was wonderfully appreciated.

Kaiser, Rescue Barn Adoptee

Kaiser, Enjoying the Sunshine!!

Thank you for all the comments to my BLOG.. I will always remember my past, and I will grow with this new future.

Last weekend, I met a woman who told me she’d give me the best of everything. She brought me a colorful collar and matching leash.

She patiently listened to my stories (smiling and petting me the entire time) and agreed to take care of my needs.

She brought the Rescue Barn Residents a boat load of natural cookies and handed them ALL out. I think those cookie should have all been for me, but I let her share, she was so so giving!!

Kaiser, Rescue Barn Adoptee

Kaiser, Rescue Barn Adoptee

After thorough examination thru The Rescue Barn Adoption  Application, this wonderful woman was approved for my Adoption! 🙂

She made the long drive from NJ and offered me a forever and gracious home with treats, good food and awesome care.. it would be me and her, living together (with “Wellington” the cat).

I took her up on her offer and we drove together back to NJ. Her home and yard are LOVELY! I was so fortunate to find her, Thank you Rescue Barn!!!

Kaiser, Rescue Barn Adoptee

Kaiser, relaxing away the day

I have since been for walks several times a day, I met her veterinarian who checked me out and we even went to an obedience class!

My new owner is fun and excited, I am happy to join her family and make her everyday as bright as she makes mine.

Kaiser's Car Ride

Kaiser, on his way to NJ!! The Ride Home!!

We are HOME!! Thank you Rescue Barn for taking me in and finding Charlene and Wellington for me!

xoxo ~ Kaiser!!

Forever Love!!


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