Sharing is the spice to life!

I have been here living at The Rescue Barn now for a few weeks. It’s my “home away from home”, I just love it here. I’ve met several other dogs like me, only beautiful bullmastiffs live here. I’m fortunate that I was accepted as a resident to the Rescue Barn, they treat me like I am so very special.

I’ve been sticking with youngster Bullmastiff, he’s quite the gentle and quiet guy, just like me. I will teach him how to be a “gentleman’s dog” when he grows up, he’s already learning the ropes. Everyone needs a mentor in life, I will be his for now!

Kaiser (available for Adoption) and Bravo

Kaiser (available for Adoption) and Bravo

We’ve been doing a lot here at The Rescue Barn, it’s a summer vacation of sorts. The Pond is nice in the heat, but I don’t like water much. I much prefer the indoors with air conditioning. I’ve found that laying directly in front of the fan while chewing my bone is the recipe for a PERFECT afternoon.

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