I’ve Been Adopted!!

Woo Hoo! My stay at The Rescue Barn was becoming a wonderful experience. I was part of a huge family of loving Bullmastiffs and caretakers. I was welcomed as if I belonged there… I know that while I stayed there I was wonderfully appreciated.

Kaiser, Rescue Barn Adoptee

Kaiser, Enjoying the Sunshine!!

Thank you for all the comments to my BLOG.. I will always remember my past, and I will grow with this new future.

Last weekend, I met a woman who told me she’d give me the best of everything. She brought me a colorful collar and matching leash.

She patiently listened to my stories (smiling and petting me the entire time) and agreed to take care of my needs.

She brought the Rescue Barn Residents a boat load of natural cookies and handed them ALL out. I think those cookie should have all been for me, but I let her share, she was so so giving!!

Kaiser, Rescue Barn Adoptee

Kaiser, Rescue Barn Adoptee

After thorough examination thru The Rescue Barn Adoption  Application, this wonderful woman was approved for my Adoption! 🙂

She made the long drive from NJ and offered me a forever and gracious home with treats, good food and awesome care.. it would be me and her, living together (with “Wellington” the cat).

I took her up on her offer and we drove together back to NJ. Her home and yard are LOVELY! I was so fortunate to find her, Thank you Rescue Barn!!!

Kaiser, Rescue Barn Adoptee

Kaiser, relaxing away the day

I have since been for walks several times a day, I met her veterinarian who checked me out and we even went to an obedience class!

My new owner is fun and excited, I am happy to join her family and make her everyday as bright as she makes mine.

Kaiser's Car Ride

Kaiser, on his way to NJ!! The Ride Home!!

We are HOME!! Thank you Rescue Barn for taking me in and finding Charlene and Wellington for me!

xoxo ~ Kaiser!!

Forever Love!!



Friends Make the World a Difference Place

Kaiser, Bullmastiff

Kaiser sharing a special moment with his friend, Dean at The Rescue Barn.

I love my friends… old and new. Without friends where would I be? I am fortunate to have my new friends at The Rescue Barn. They have made me feel like I am everyone’s BEST friend (I try to believe that I am). Being that I am a Bullmastiff, I always give all of myself to my friends and caretakers, for they are who I love and protect. I share my heart so givingly, and my friends have always shared theirs in return!

Without friends:

who would we share our bed with?

what would we wag our tails for?

who would take us for walks?

Where would our drool go when we shook our heads?

There are a lot more questions I would have. Fortunately I have GREAT friends and open my heart to many more.

Today is a special day for mentioning FRIENDS. One of my old friends, a friend of my previous family, took the time out of her busy life to sit down and write me a letter. She put it in a card with a donation to my caretakers and sent it in the mail. We all sat down and listened as it was read out loud….

Kaiser's card from a Friend

Kaiser's card from a Friend

“…I know you are homesick but I hope someone will fall in love with your gentle ways and cherish you as you deserve….”

We all cried a happy tear. I wonder why I couldn’t stay at home but I have been given a chance now to have a better, more appreciated life. I am not sad, don’t cry for me. I have so much support from home. From this home where I am now, and from my old friends like you. I will make many new friends at my soon-to-be new home and I will give all the love stored up inside me from so much friendship that I’ve shared.

Thank you so much for the card, it means the world to me. It is appreciated from so many levels. I know I am special, my Rescue Barn friends also know I am very very special. My new home will find out how special I really am…

I am looking forward to the rest of my life! 🙂

~ Kaiser

Sharing is the spice to life!

I have been here living at The Rescue Barn now for a few weeks. It’s my “home away from home”, I just love it here. I’ve met several other dogs like me, only beautiful bullmastiffs live here. I’m fortunate that I was accepted as a resident to the Rescue Barn, they treat me like I am so very special.

I’ve been sticking with youngster Bullmastiff, he’s quite the gentle and quiet guy, just like me. I will teach him how to be a “gentleman’s dog” when he grows up, he’s already learning the ropes. Everyone needs a mentor in life, I will be his for now!

Kaiser (available for Adoption) and Bravo

Kaiser (available for Adoption) and Bravo

We’ve been doing a lot here at The Rescue Barn, it’s a summer vacation of sorts. The Pond is nice in the heat, but I don’t like water much. I much prefer the indoors with air conditioning. I’ve found that laying directly in front of the fan while chewing my bone is the recipe for a PERFECT afternoon.

Exciting News, “Kaiser”!

I have been posted as AVAILABLE for ADOPTION!! I’m excited for this special chance at finding a family to appreciate me as much as I will appreciate them!

Kaiser, Brindle Male Bullmastiff

Kaiser, Brindle Male Bullmastiff

I arrived at Bulhaven’s Rescue Barn yesterday afternoon, July 4th, 2010 and was introduced to the yard and outside area while several different visitors met me throughout the day. Everyone commented that I was sooo handsome, and wow, so clean. I feel good!!

July 4th is generally a fun Holiday of picnics and outings, this is mine. A New Start at The Rescue Barn! Happy July 4th everyone!

I am a Brindle Male Bullmastiff with a very bold, strong body. My name is “Kaiser”. I’m one of those awesome “gentle giants”, with not a mean bone in my body. All I want to some love and I will return it to you tenfold, I promise.

Brindle Male Bullmastiff, Sweet Kaiser

Brindle Male Bullmastiff, Kaiser.. Available for Adoption

I was raised in a family, loved and cuddled. I was part of everything and felt like the perfect family dog. I’m handsome, smart, willing and able to please. they bought me nice dog beds and treated my like one of the guys. Everything was going well…I had a good life and was a happy dog.

My family started to grow, and they added a baby. I was getting less and less attention as the beautiful baby needed more and more attention. My family said it was better for me to be rehomed, where the family could give me the attention I deserve.

They communicated with The Bullmastiff Rescue Barn and I was accepted into the Rescue Program. I will be rehomed when the time is right, and for now, I am in the awesome, loving care of Mary, Dean and Sandy at The Rescue Barn.

I hope that my gentle behavior and good looks encourages a nice family to find me enjoyable and adopt me into their home someday!!!